Visual Literacy Project One

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9 responses to “Visual Literacy Project One

  1. What an amazing video! Yes, decidedly liberal and very likely to get pushback from some quarters, particularly because these are middle school students. You might approach your administrators ahead of time with the assignment so that, if they get parent inquiries, they have some context from which to respond. There’s nothing an administrator hates more than being blindsided from a parent about an academic issue. You may need to compose a sort of disclaimer to give to students.

    I see depth of questioning about the techniques employed n the video. Will your students have any experience doing that before they see this assignment? If not, you may need to give them some practice with a few simpler things.

    I really like the second part of the assignment where students analyze a product. They need to be aware of advertising techniques because, at the middle school age, especially, they are very vulnerable to those appeals.

  2. The video you chose is great! I love that you can not only use it to create connections to advertising, get students thinking about how language, sound, images and so forth are used in media to influence us of something, but that it also makes them (hopefully) more aware of their eco-footprint. It’s a great choice!
    I’m back and forth on whether I think the rubric and assignments are too complicated for middle school students. It seems FAR more complicated than anything I saw when I was in 8th grade, but I don’t know that that necessarily means that it’s too complicated… It might be really good for them to start to see things like that and prepare them for what will be expected in high school and college. I only wonder how much explaining of the rubric would have to take place before they fully understood…?

  3. The images presented in this clip would certainly keep students in an 8th grade classroom intrigued. I was blown away by the images and movements throughout the piece! 8th grade would be an ideal time to begin exploring topics of this nature.

  4. I really liked this video project. I thought it was well thought out and explained. The video itself is simple and effective and I liked that the project was as well. I thought the consideration to gear the project toward the student’s stage in social development was really thoughtful. I think students would be able to grasp the message of the video and apply it to their lives. Most middle schoolers want things and i like that you are challenging them to distinguish between wants and needs. I did have a question about access to the video. If it is on the class blog would you give class time for students to get on the computer? Would the class ever watch the video as a whole?

    Very thoughtful and engaging project.

  5. I echo the previous comment, and would encourage you to make sure you have given your students all of the tools they need to complete this assignment. I work at a very high performing school, and this assignment with no preparation would be VERY difficult for my juniors to complete.

    Also, the “reflection” piece is also more of an analysis which I think is interesting. Having students do an analysis of this depth will take some guidance from you as the teacher. I would try to structure this assignment in class primarily so you can maintain the integrity of the writing and answer questions.

    All in all, I really liked this idea, and I think I am going to use it to teach the materialism of America with The Great Gatsby. It is a perfect example of American consumerism run amuck, and I am eager to see what my juniors have to say about it. I love this idea for sure… and there is no way to know what will and won’t work until you have a group of students in front of you. The hardest thing about being a pre-service teacher is not knowing exactly who your students are. This assignment can be adjusted to any group though, and that is what makes it so cool! Good work!

  6. jennaleighgerlach

    This was a powerful, beautiful, and eye-catching video. I feel like I want to watch it many more times. I think it will play an excellent role in encouraging the students attention and getting them to think about cause and effects of their actions on the environment. I agree with the above comment that you might get some angry parents…however I think that the nature of the actual assignment you have created around the clip is less controversial as it simple asks students to consider the “strings” behind advertising and makes them aware at how constructed those commercials and packaging can be. I think your assignment is well thought-out as and like that it incorporates a reflection and experimentation of their own abilities to be manipulated and controlled by advertising companies. The powerpoint slides, with the directed expectations, works well and you have the potential to get some interesting presentations as well as find that many of your students truly feel as though they learned something from this assignment. The only suggestion I have goes along with the comment above mine with the suggestion that you practice such deep analysis in the classroom with less sizable projects so that you ensure you students are capable of meeting all of the assignments analytic expectations!

    • This was an amazing video. The visual component is simply breath-taking and it interprets the words on the screen in a way that the words alone just cannot convey. It really pulls in the bigger questions of opportunity costs of what we want (or what we think we want) versus what we need, and brings to light a larger awareness of the world around us. As students move forward towards the end of middle school and into high school, they need to become aware of the world around them and learn how to interpret messages. I think this video is the jumping point for potentially multiple applications-very versatile. Bringing in the assignments to have students explore and think more deeply will also help them develop the skill set to self-direct their interpretations and learning as they continue through their educational journey. Great work!

  7. I think you guys did a great job on this project. I like the use of the video to get students thinking about things that are bigger than themselves. The video is intriguing and thought provoking as is the assignment.

  8. Very provocative video. It definitely grabs your attention and makes the viewer think.
    I liked the very detailed rationale and student view assignment. You definitely put a lot of thought into the assignment.
    My question would be is this asking too much for middle schoolers? I’m thinking that this might be geared more towards high schoolers.
    I would suggest maybe broadening the lecture beyond the means of production. It comes across condemning the means of production in tone. I understand that there are several problems with several products and how they’re made, but it seems to be one of focuses of your lesson and this might be limiting.
    Overall, good job though. Very thoughtful and interesting

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