Testing the Waters

I feel kind of weird saying this on a blog, but I’m just gonna come out with it.  RSS and social bookmarking make me feel a little overwhelmed.

Perhaps I should qualify that statement.  It’s not that I don’t understand what an RSS feed is or why social bookmarking is useful and cool.  I get all that.  Will Richardson, though, threw a lot at me with regard to their uses and benefits for educators.  As I read through those chapters, I remember feeling like there is too much for me to get a grasp on and ultimately feeling a bit of anxiety and lack of confidence.  Does the fact that I never think about aggregators or delicious.com make me a bad teacher?  Well, I certainly hope not.  Of course, one month ago I wouldn’t have believed that I would have my own blog and be using wikis for projects, but here I am.

I’m pretty much circling in on an attitude that people like myself (interested novice) need to have toward today’s internet: you have to jump in before you can learn to swim.  If I had sat around and thought about how to use a wiki or create a blog and then how to apply them to a classroom, and what projects to use them for, and how they would help with grading, and on and on, then I would have felt like I was drowning.  Instead, after checking the stuff out and learning it at my own (slow) pace, I’ve found that I really enjoy it.

Clearly, then, the solution to my problem is simply to sign up for some RSS feeds and get rocking with some bookmarks.  A little doggie paddling just to keep my head above water.


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  1. dcrovitz

    Yes, experimentation (coerced as it may be in this case) is the first step. Still, I completely understand your ambivalence. There is simply too much out there for any one person to master without becoming an obsessive. Trying to tackle too much too soon is a great formula for burnout. My feeling is this: you shouldn’t feel pressure beyond this class to adopt technologies you are not fully comfortable with adopting. Go-at-your-own-pace applies to professional development (or at least any that has meaning). I think it’s enough right now to know about the RSS concept (for instance) such that there may come a time and situation when you’re in a place to explore it.

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