MVL Project 2: The Architecture of Packaging

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5 responses to “MVL Project 2: The Architecture of Packaging

  1. Very detailed analysis of the packaging. You guys clearly put a lot of thought into dissecting the overall package and presentation of how Apple delivers their product. I completely agree with your assessment too. Apple has created such a name for themselves that they can rely on a minimalist approach to packaging. I hadn’t even noticed that they didn’t use”Apple” on the box; they can just use their logo, which is probably represents their company more than the name itself.

    I think that this is a great tie-in to advertising in general. Like you mentioned, there’s clearly a lot of thought and purpose that goes into creating this design. I like the idea of having students describe their own packaging. This seems like a good way to work on descriptive language.

  2. I love this project. As Michael said, you give a very detailed analysis of the packaging of one of the biggest brands in today’s society. It’s interesting how much thought and effort goes into something in order to make it appear simplified–and ironic since it’s a technology company that integrates so much into all facets of itself. I think that these parts of the conversation would introduce additional teachable moments. Also as Michael said, this is a prime case of a brand being so big that they can afford to keep their packaging to a minimal appearance.

    Again, great job! Lots of really good stuff here.

    Jamie G.

  3. jennaleighgerlach

    Great job taking apart how Apple sells their Macbooks so effectively. It’s such an unconscious act that we “ooh” and “ahh” over the simplicity and beauty of their products without realizing why they are so appealing to us. I’ve never thought about EVERY detail to their packaging like this…man, even the black handle serves a purpose!…but it’s great to look into it analytically and see how it motivates us to crave Apple products. I know I fell for the spell…although I must say I have been 110% happy with my decision as well. They DON’T need fancy packaging or distractions to make their products look cool. They ARE that cool. They actually work.

    Good job, guys!

  4. I am glad that someone did an analysis of an Apple product. I feel that they have a genius packaging system that speaks to a modern consumer. Using the familiar Apple products will reach your students and – I think – engage them in the discussion. I see a lot of value in showing students product packaging analysis and showing them that the product is made to be sold. I liked the connection you made to the creative process in the recommendations for the teachers.

  5. David, Kevin & Kim,

    Very interesting choice of packaging to analyze – I never thought much about the packaging of laptops and so forth before, but the fact that this one is significantly smaller and sleeker really reflects both the product and the company. I had not considered that though companies who shrink their packaging are using less materials and “going green,” but they are also saving a significant amount of money on materials and shipping. This was an interesting angle to consider, and I’m glad you brought it up – it broadens the discussion from talking purely about the packaging and the trash left behind to considering the trucks and ships used in transporting the products all over the world and how saving on shipping space is just as important as having less packaging end up in the landfills. This could turn into a very interesting classroom discussion and could be applicable to a number of subjects.

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