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4 responses to “MVL 3

  1. There was a lot of well writeen text, clear and easy to understand. Navigating the wikki was easy as well. My only suggestion would have been to cut down on the text. Thank you for shaing.

  2. Again, this is another great project that your group did. I really like the comprehensive analysis you provided of both the outdoor space as well as the interior space. While it was text heavy, I think this type of project needs this kind of analysis and detail. So many people go through their daily lives in many different spaces without thinking about the walls surrounding them. I also liked the comparison of this building to other buildings on campus, to provide that frame of reference. I also liked how, as an activity, you mention comparing this structure to other performance halls in the area. Again, excellent job!

    Jamie G.

  3. Having been to performances at the old Stillwell Theatre, and not yet at the new building, I found your analysis interesting. I would have thought that in the pursuit of spending such a large amount of money, given the historical significance of this area, the committee might have approved and produced a building more in keeping with the history; however, as Dr Crovitz has pointed out on several occasions, the new hierarchy is going more for the futuristic interpretation of KSU as an institution. This building, in all its’ plain-ness, plainly shows that intent.

    Good work bringing to life a somewhat under-interesting piece of architecture.


  4. I like how you guys took a large and in my opinion imposing space and broke it down according to how the space is used and was designed for a specific purpose. I particularly like that you took an analysis of a large space that many students may find overwhelming if they were to go up on stage and perform and link it to a space they are familiar with through the suggested classroom assignment. Good job!

    ~Jamie H.

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